Friday, 1 August 2014

Puppy Love - Happiness is a warm puppy !

These are the best moments of my life, getting to play with the most adorable, cuddly Saint Bernard babies.

My darling Indie bear became a mother of five cutest pups. 

The pups are 35 days old today. Now is the tough task of finding five lovely parents who would want to have a Saint baby and will commit to care for them like their own child.

They are growing so fast, at 35 days already they weigh 4kg, my furballs. 

                            Indie - The loving mom, she has a heart as big as an ocean, and she thinks she is a mother to all the puppies, kittens. She has fostered so many pups, even my kittens, rabbits. She is really a gentle giant. So blessed to have her in my life, my daughter.

Phalcor - The Proud father , He is an US import ,  very handsome, loving and a wonderful Saint.

And now let me introduce you 
 all to the adorable puppies.

Will keep posting pics of the pups as they grow, since shall be keeping them till they are 60 days old. Anyone, who would like to book and be a proud parent of a cuddly Saint baby can call me on 8805989128.

We will be happy to train and counsel the new pet parents on How to raise a Saint. Also we will guide you on how to potty train your new pup, the feeding habits, basic grooming tips and any guidance needed. We just want someone who can give them abundant love,care and make them a part of their family. Its a  feeling you will cherish the moment you hold them. 

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