Friday, 1 August 2014

Puppy Love - Happiness is a warm puppy !

These are the best moments of my life, getting to play with the most adorable, cuddly Saint Bernard babies.

My darling Indie bear became a mother of five cutest pups. 

The pups are 35 days old today. Now is the tough task of finding five lovely parents who would want to have a Saint baby and will commit to care for them like their own child.

They are growing so fast, at 35 days already they weigh 4kg, my furballs. 

                            Indie - The loving mom, she has a heart as big as an ocean, and she thinks she is a mother to all the puppies, kittens. She has fostered so many pups, even my kittens, rabbits. She is really a gentle giant. So blessed to have her in my life, my daughter.

Phalcor - The Proud father , He is an US import ,  very handsome, loving and a wonderful Saint.

And now let me introduce you 
 all to the adorable puppies.

Will keep posting pics of the pups as they grow, since shall be keeping them till they are 60 days old. Anyone, who would like to book and be a proud parent of a cuddly Saint baby can call me on 8805989128.

We will be happy to train and counsel the new pet parents on How to raise a Saint. Also we will guide you on how to potty train your new pup, the feeding habits, basic grooming tips and any guidance needed. We just want someone who can give them abundant love,care and make them a part of their family. Its a  feeling you will cherish the moment you hold them. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Peppy Paws Daycare!

The Peppy paws is a premier pet resort in Pune that offers pet boarding, day care, grooming, training and a variety of recreational activities to keep our furry guests happy and entertained in a safe, healthy and fun environment. Our boarding facilities are the best in town since we provide cage free boarding for all the friendly pets. We believe dogs are pack and social animals . When they come to peppy paws on vacation, we give them a chance to socialize with other friendly pets. Thus boarding for all the family pets is fun loving and relaxing and peppy paws is committed to just that. Our 24 hours onsite staffs ensures yours pets the cleanest, safest environment for your part while you are away .
        Drop your pets off for an amazing day of fun, peppy paws offers excellent day care services, our staff is committed to provide your pets the best day of fun and relaxation possible helping you be worry free through out your day. All these with a day dedicated home pick and drop facility!

Let me introduce you to Samus - a German Shorthaired Pointer who has enrolled in our daycare And visit us every weekdays since past five months. Her pet parents have moved to India from USA and are happy to have Samus spend her day at Peppy Paws with her furry friends.
Samus is so full of energy and super active that everyday she comes in gets positive energy with her that keeps us on the toes through out. We love to have her here and amazing pet!

Samus- Adorable...Loving...the busiest doggie in the resort, playing with the others always upto some kind of mischief or the other the rest of the time!
Never rests for a minute so full of LIFE and a JOY to have with us! Thank you!

Friday, 20 September 2013

IIPTF - India International Pet Trade Fair

India International Pet Trade Fair now in Pune on January 17th, 18th and 19th 2014. We are happy to announce that Peppy Paws will be the official National partner and we will be organising the Dog Fashion Show so gear up Pune its time for you to show off your pampered pooches and participate the many fun activities organised for your pets. Registrations will begin soon!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Peppy Paws Pet Old Age Home

Home for Senior Pets.
Where older dogs come to enjoy the retirement they deserve. We are a retirement dog boarding facility that caters to the special needs of older dogs and does everything possible to make their remaining time magical.

Welcome to Peppy Paws Pet Old Age Home - Where older dogs come to enjoy the retirement they deserve. We are a retirement dog boarding facility that caters to the special needs of older dogs and does everything possible to make their remaining time magical. There is no better piece of mind than trusting Peppy Paws to give your special friend quality care short or long term.

Is your dog entering its retirement years and requiring attention and care that you’re not able to provide anymore?

We are here to help you and your pet with everything needed for an older dog to relax and enjoy the rest of its life in comfort, instead of being ignored or neglected. Our long term dog boarding programs are perfect for loving dog owners that want to give their old age dog the perfect retirement atmosphere with dogs their own age, a pet friendly environment and people that have a true passion for older dogs. You owe it to yourself and your relationship with your four legged companion to have a plan that suits both of you the best.

What situations call for our pet old age home?
City dogs who are too old for the rigors of apartment living.
Dogs whose owners are no longer able to care for them.
Dogs whose owners travel overseas for extended periods of time.

Your dog has given you years of enjoyment and loyalty.
A member of the family, really. Now, for the first time, there is a solution that you both can live with.Don’t you think your dog deserves the reward of a lifetime?

So Call us today and we will help you and your senior pet?

Max - Our adorable 13 year old guest.

Meet Max our first senior pet. Max is a beautiful 13 year old Labrador. His parents love him immensely but unfortunately had to move abroad due to some family commitments. So Max will be spending his retirement life with us at peppy paws and we hope to make the rest of his life magical by giving all the love, care and attention he needs. His favourite pass time is to follow me around the house.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

To Tyson my first four legged furry baby - Love you!


I would like to introduce my firstborn, my furry baby Tyson. Its because of Tyson i had the idea of starting Peppy Paws Pet Resort.
Tyson is a handsome Black Labrador Retriever. He is 5 years old now. He is one of the most intelligent dogs i have ever come across. He knows about 40 and more commands. He Loves to swim and play fetch. He loves the basket ball or football. He loves the ball so much that he has also jumped of the moving car on the main road looking at children playing cricket nearby. He hates if any bird or any lizard or insect is sitting on the roof, he will be the first one to bark his heart out when he sees any of those in his area. He loves chasing birds. Chicken is his all time favorite but he loves mangoes, cabbage, milk, curd, eggs and everything i eat of-course :)
He loves the car rides. He wants to join us where ever we go. But he will never sit down in the car. He wants to stand in between both the front seats so his nose is right touching the front screen and he can see everything. My car front screen window will always have a nose art - courtesy Tyson :)
He is very emotional too whenever i am upset he would come and lick my face and put his paw on me just to say everything will be fine.
This is his way to say " I am Sorry " whenever he thinks he has made a mistake.

Tyson and me on our way for a holiday on the beach in Diveghar, konkan.
He loves the sea. In this pic here he is galloping in the water towards the sea the moment we are there.
My Tyson, the love of my life, a companion for life. Every second i pray to God to keep him healthy and fine all the time. I don't know what i would do without him.
Tyson is so intelligent he just checks something the way it is done and he tries to do it. Like he knows to open the gate on his own. Check this video to see the way Tyson opens the grill gate - you all will be amazed!! :) Love you my baby Tyson - Thank you for coming into my Life. :)

" Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished. " - Dean Koontz.